Dockside Dining, Hogfish Bar and Grill

Dockside Dining - Hogfish Bar & Grill


Hogfish Bar & Grill, home of the World Famous “Killer” Hogfish Sandwich, ....New York Times Review

Follow Stock Island’s Front Street past a row of old trailers, and you’ll stumble upon this little miracle.This big, clamoring seafood joint at a marina is rumored to have been the headquarters for the Bay of Pigs operation. Grab a table by the water, and try a

fresh hogfish sandwich, loaded with Swiss, mushroom and onion. Soak up the afternoon sun, toss some bread at the passing fish, and don’t rush home.             »Read the Full Article »

Rusty Anchor, a Stock Island and Florida keys landmark. This restaurant is part fish house too, so fresh fish is always on the table...

5th Ave Stock Island / cnr Shrimp Rd

305 294-5369

Hurricane Joe’s Bar and Grill is the heart of the Hurricane Hole Marina, just over the Cow key Channel bridge...

5110 Overseas Hwy, Stock Island, Fl 33040

305 294 0200

Hurricane Joe's
Rusty Anchor
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Hogfish Bar and Grill
Fresh from Florida
go native

According the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, commercial fishermen landed (that's "fisheze" for "caught") over 110 million pounds of seafood in 2004. Guess how many fishing trips to sea it took to bring this much in? It was a mere 226,710 trips. Now that’s a lot of traveling to bring home the groceries. The wholesale value of all this seafood was almost $186 million in 2004


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Dolphin Deli - A cool little sandwich shop on the corner of Maloney & 3rd St. Fresh fish to go, with free delivery...

305 293-0707

Dolphin Deli

El Mocho - A landmark in Stock island.

When you have a hungry fishing fleet who wants breakfast, you gotta know your stuff. Home cooking Cuban style and the best Con Leche aound... Open from 5am - 3pm only

305 296 7490

El Mocho
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