Andy Griffith’s Charter Fleet


Andy Griffiths Charter Fleet

Andy Griffiths Charters - there is really not much more I can say about Andy’s Charters other than when us locals want to go fishin’ for a few, he’s the only guy in town...

Mean Green Charters - Capt. Jake Perry


Lazy Dog is an adventure company, and way of life down here. Located in Hurricane Hole Marina,they have all you need to get going with some of the best things to do while you’re on the Islands...


A link to the latest fishing reports from Florida Keys Fishermen...

Andy Griffith's Charters

Seen on Espn - Flats, Offshore fishing and More with Experienced Guides and Productive Trips

5001 5th Ave, Stock Island. 305 295 94444 / 800 795 9448

Almost There Sportfishing Charters
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Lazy Dog Island Outfitters

Charter Fishing Fleet at Murry’s Marina

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OFFSHORE - Light Tackle

Capt. Gary Maconi "Fishing Magician” 305-745-5273

Capt. Rush Maltz "Odyssea" 305-797-5060

Capt. Paul Marchan "Pineapple Delight"305-294-4432/305-304-5119

Capt. Tony Murphy "Key Limey" 305-293-1814

Capt. Buzz Owens "Crankenstein" 305-296-0388

Capt. Jake Perry "Mean Green" 305-304-1922

Capt. Justin Rea "Sting Rae Charters" 305-292-6007/305-360-3122

Capt. Steve Rodger "Spear One" 305-294-9311/305-797-0701

Capt. Ernie Saunders "Key Corsair" 305-294-0757



FLATS - Back Country

Capt. Rubin Dunagan 305-296-5951/305-304-6511

Capt. Steve Impallomeni "Gallopin Ghost" 305-292-9837

Capt. Connan Lehmkuhl "The Reel Dream" 305-296-3837

Capt. Chad Loebs 305-294-5165

Capt. Sean O'Keefe "Back Water" 305-294-4637

Capt. Joey Pinder "Native Conch" 305-296-7110/305-744-8586





Capt. Victoria Imipallomeni "Imp 2" 305-294-9731

Capt. Lynda Schuh "Mangrove Mistress" 305-745-8886/305-304-0806

Capt. Gordon Smith "Low Key Charters" 305-294-3735/305-304-3422



DIVE Charters

Capt. Chris Norwood "Lucky Dog" 305-587-4018

Fishing reports

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Mean Green Charters
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charters to places no one else goes, it’s all ‘bout the fishin’ !

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